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December 09, 2008

That’s a new one

Parade When I was visiting my parents for a few days in Sequim (pronounced "squim"), Washington, I noticed a new variation on the annual call-it-anything-but-Christmas theme. Naming the annual Christmas parade the "Twinkle Light" Parade is new to me--and every bit as imaginative as Pittsburgh calling Christmas the "Sparkle Season" a few years ago.

Interestingly, the local business community has no difficulty with calling the big shopping event following the parade the "Christmastime Moonlight Madness Sale" (scroll down). Perhaps that's because there's an actual holiday named Christmas coming up--not a national Twinkle Day, or Sparkle Day--and merchants realize that the parents they're appealing to intend to buy their children Christmas gifts--not "Twinkle" gifts.

Yes, I know, the city fathers (and mothers and non-parents, for that matter) want to be "inclusive," which too often means discriminating against one religious or cultural tradition in favor of another (or none at all, unless there's a Twinkle cult I'm unaware of). To which I say: The original St. Nick was a fourth-century Christian bishop who gave gifts to the poor. Which means, if there's a Santa Claus involved, it's a CHRISTMAS parade.

Looking ahead....Perhaps we should re-name Valentine's Day so as not to offend non-lovers, or those who offended by holidays with names of Catholic saints in them. We could call it "National Heart-Shaped Chocolate Day" instead.

By the way, I'm writing something about all the Happy Sparkle Day/unity trees/don't even think of saying "Merry Christmas" nonsense. If you have any fresh examples, I'd appreciate your sending them along.

(Image © Lonnie Archibald for the Peninsula Daily News)

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Anne, there's a great song named "Christmas With A Capital 'C'" from the acapella group "Go Fish". You may not like their music (I'm guessing), but the song includes excerpts of a speech that absolutely nails this issue.

I've been unsuccessful in finding an attribution for the speaker or the speech, sorry.

You can listen to a brief excerpt here (although I'm a bit concerned about the "New Version" label; not sure what's changed): http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Capital-C-New-Version/dp/B00122OKHO/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1228849765&sr=8-2

(Gina, in posting this I'm assuming that "LeeQuod" isn't still in Anne's spam blacklist filter. If further penance is still required on my part, poease let me know.)

Samuel X

I could've sworn Twinkle Day was back on November 21.


Our church no longer has a Mother - Daughter banquet because not all women are mothers.
As for the Christmas alternative thing, my adult kids still like to wish people a Happy Festivus when they're being silly.


So here is the entire song "Christmas With A Capital 'C'", including the spoken portion at the beginning and in the middle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAckfn8yiAQ

Kim Moreland

Capital "C" is a mighty toe-tapping jingle. When people tell me "happy holidays," I always respond with Merry Christmas.


There was Saturnalia/Sol Invictus (pagan) before Christmas (Christian) replaced it. It seems like Winter Holiday (secular) is trying to replace Christmas. Why should someone be concerned that Christmas is being replaced when the original holiday was pagan anyway?


I've developed the annoying habit of straight-facedly asking people who wish me 'happy holidays' such things as "its a little early for Arbor Day, isn't it?" or "A bit late to be celebrating Deer Opener, don'tcha think?" ;-)

Karen, curiously, Christmas came first. Emperor Aurelius invented Sol Invictus to try to compete with the growing popularity of Christmas. The date of Christmas is based upon when Zechariah's division served in the Temple, plus six months to the state of Elizabeth's pregnancy when Mary visited her, plus nine months. thus the old New Year's Day was March 25th, also the feast day of the Annunciation.

Jason Taylor

Karen, doesn't that have some resemblance to saying,"Why should anyone worry about the dragon coming back to reclaim his hoard when the hoard belonged to the dragon originally?"

Julia Anderson

I just respond to, "Happy Holiday" with a "Happy HOLY-DAY", & the HOLY day I celebrate is in honour of my HOLY King JESUS, the Incarnate GOD of the UNIVERSE. Isaiah 9:6
No Tinkle or Twinkle Day here, even with a 3 y.o. son who makes occasional pudddles.(missing the potty)!~Julia

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