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December 09, 2008

Re: Wheezing: A Christian Art Form

Time for a little wheezing...

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Funny! I actually remember seeing this on the TV years ago. One of my favorites was the one where his wife left him in charge of the kids and they wanted to eat cake for breakfast. She had instructed for them to have eggs and toast. After he had argued with the kids a bit he realized that the ingredients for cake were similar enough to eggs and toast, so the kids got cake. So funny the way he tells it.

Gina Dalfonzo

You owe me a new keyboard, Zoe. I made the mistake of drinking water while watching. :-) Of course, I should have known better. The Novocaine bit has always been one of Cos's best, and that's saying something.


apparently wheezing means laughter? I always thought it was the noise made when you're about to die of exhaustion?

Chris Clukey

"Bill Cosby: Himself" might just be the funniest standup comedy film ever.

My brothers and I still quote bits of it back and forth.

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