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December 10, 2008

Pray for the Pilot

Artplanecrashpressercnn Dong Yun Yoon, who survived last Monday’s jet plane crash in San Diego, can only utter words of hope and prayer for the pilot who accidentally killed his wife, two young daughters and mother-in-law: "Please pray for him not to suffer from this accident . ... I don't blame him. I don't have any hard feelings. I know he did everything he could."

I can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now but I'm impressed that he has the capacity not to blame anyone for his tragic loss. Referring to the military pilot, he added, "He is one of our treasures for the country." Well, Mr. Yoon, with your selfless response, so are you.

(Image © CNN)

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Rachel Coleman

Thanks for posting this story.
Yoon's statements show a truly Christian heart.
I'll be praying for him, too.

Will C.

Wow. Just when you think the whole world is rapidly goin' t'hell in a handbasket, a bright light shines out in the darkness. I'll be praying for both of them. I don't know that I could be that strong...

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