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December 23, 2008

Note on comments

Thanks to one of those little "improvements" that make life so much more difficult for all concerned, TypePad will now only display a limited number of comments per page. If you noticed some of the comments vanishing from Regis's recent evolution post, that's why. After Christmas vacation, Travis will set up a link that will allow you to see all the comments on that post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks to Rolley for alerting us to the problem.

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"inconvenience"??!? I thought it was a deliberate limitation, G, instituted medically at the recommendation of your chiroprac- whoops, not supposed to mention pseudocs here.

Woof, things are so intertwingled we almost need divine intervention to sort them out.


Goodness gracious,
that historic exchanged should and must be preserved for posterity.


Gina, that thread has had positive results more than you know. First, I treasure that encounter personally. Second, I was cheered beyond belief to see Steve's comment above. Finally and most important, I've used our comments and some of my follow-on research to create a "model" for the creation-evolution debate that I'll be presenting to a "Sunday School" group of adults later this month. (I show atheistic Darwinism on one side of a chart, YEC on the other, and all the positions in between, with commentary on what they believe and why. I conclude with a discussion of how it feels to be rejected by someone else on the basis of a label they apply to you.)

So please pass on to the rest of The Point staff that their posts here have impacts for the Kingdom that are far beyond what they see in pixels.

Gina Dalfonzo

Thanks, LeeQuod. I know everyone will appreciate that. Your presentation sounds great!

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