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December 18, 2008

Holy Days?

T.M. Moore writes in the December issue of BreakPoint WorldView Magazine:

Many people no longer think of even our most sacred seasons as “holy days” but have learned to regard them simply as “holidays” along with “Administrative Workers’ Week” and “Postal Delivery Person’s Day.” The great sacred seasons of the year have been required to put aside their miters and don the party caps of fools. Visitors to discount chain stores are greeted by friendly smiles and “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.” In Knoxville, where we lived for seven years, a local radio station boasted 24-hour “holiday” music, and it meant it. Plenty of familiar sacred melodies were featured in the mix each year, but only rarely were the lyrics of those songs included, whereas the “holiday” songs were sung nearly always, all stanzas. Public schools and corporate offices observe each holiday season yet studiously minimize any religious component (Winter Holidays, Spring Holidays). Probably the most anticipated aspect of the Advent season by the children even of the Church is the gifts they will receive on Christmas morning, not the candle-light service they might attend the night before.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Revd Ken Day

A great article by Mr Moore. In Australia it is no different. There is thoughts in some minds to call our Christmas Holiday, Summer Holiday, or some other non sacred name. To remain as Christmas, it might offend non Christians! We have a big battle on our hands.
They forget where the word holiday comes from, as T M Moore points out in the very title of the essay, " Preserving The Holy In Holiday ".
We still celebrate Advent in our congregations, it inspires, encourages, and prepares us to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, The Birth of The Saviour of the World. God bless, Ken Day.

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