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December 15, 2008

Holiday horror stories

Upsidedownchristmastree I was oddly fascinated by the collection of nightmarish family memories aired in this online chat with Washington Post advice columnist Carolyn Hax last week. (Scroll down to about halfway through the page. Occasional vulgarity.)

Most of us would like Christmas to look like the final scene in It's a Wonderful Life, but let's face it, it just isn't always like that. Still, once you've read about the parents who went at each other with knives and broken bottles, the grandma who gave one of her own gold fillings as a Christmas present, and the in-laws who got high on the patio with a DEA agent expected any moment, your own family reunions might not look so bad.

Stories like these also make me glad that, contrary to what loads of TV specials, movies, and commercials try to tell us every year, the "real meaning of Christmas" is not getting together with family, but the birth of the Savior of the world. Because that means that, even if what you go home to every year looks more like a Manson Family Christmas than a Norman Rockwell painting, you still have something truly wonderful to celebrate.

(Image © Hammacher Schlemmer)

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Well, it's not the same kind of nightmare, but how about the ordeal Carolina Gutierrez's family went through, watching her die a lingering death from a septic abortion? Not quite as drawn out and gruesome but nevertheless a nightmare is the way Arnetta Hardaway's family got to spend Christmas watching her die. Or Denise Holmes, who was on her way home for Christmas and stopped in Los Angeles for an abortion that made sure she'd never make it home again.

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