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December 18, 2008

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

So Nestorians have lotus blossom crosses? The Pope is Pontifus Maximus too.


Indeed, I was left wondering if there was more, besides the mere presence of the lotus blossom crosses, to lead the author to his conclusion. In the absence of that evidence, I think the conclusion is highly presumptous. If I were to put on my headstone an image of Mickey Mouse holding a cross, would that alone be enough evidence to suggest I viewed Walt Disney and Jesus Christ as equally valid agents of my salvation?

benjamin ady

I wonder what it says about me, that I find myself thinking re: Ted Haggard "wow, if I knew this guy, then and now, I'm sure I'd like his current iteration a lot better than I would have liked his former one"

I hope that he, like Ray Boltz, can come to some kind of peace with his own sexuality.

Jason Taylor

Come to peace with one's sexuality? Is one's sexuality an enemy power?
What is the process of doing so? Do you declare a DMZ patrolled by the UN. Or does one's sexuality just take over with other bits of oneself running off to exile in Monte Carlo while ones sexuality is sacking everything else? Actually that seems to be more or less what is being suggested.

Oh, and Ted Haggard is not just guilty of "sexuality." He is guilty of treachery.


benjamin, what it says about you is that you understand Psalm 18:27 (also 2 Samuel 22:28): "You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.", in addition to Psalm 51 and the story surrounding it. It is very easy for a Christian leader to become proud of his accomplishments, and thereby vulnerable to grave sin (which, as JT points out, in Ted Haggard's included routinely lying to his congregation, his leadership, and his family).

Interestingly, when King David's sin was exposed, he knew what to do. Nevertheless, he and the entire country suffered the consequences as his children grew to adulthood. I have seen other Christian leaders repent and be restored (but not to their former greatness). Sadly, this seems to not have happened in Ted Haggard's case, to the shame of all involved.

And I would hope that, instead of coming to peace with his sexuality (which, as JT so cleverly points out, is rather absurd), Ted would come to peace with God. The latter has more significant consequences.

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