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December 22, 2008

Church attendance in Britain: Thriving or dying?

Brompton_alpha_1124 Depends on whom you ask.

(Image courtesy of Time)

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Jason Taylor

Well to be fair for a long time, much of the religion in Britain was simply Britain. God was indisputably an Englishman and Admiral Nelson was his prophet. An amiable enough religion as English are to genteel to go on Jihads except when it is time to give the Huns or the Frenchies, What For.
This is an amusing enough exagerration. But the fact is(and C.S. Lewis noted this long ago), for much of time the chief religion of Britain was a vague theism combined with a nominal Anglicanism being a good gentleman. It made Britain a more decent society then many but in fact, Britain had only a small proportion of serious Christians as such. Of course such statements can be taken to far as the line is a bit fuzzy between someone who is worshipping for convention and someone who is doing so from his heart. Nonetheless, this may be less serious from the Churches point of view then one might suppose. Nontheless, it is a sad development from an Anglophile's point of view as "God is an Englishman", did at least make a reasonably good England even if it didn't necessarily make good Christians.

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