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December 17, 2008

Christmas in Small-Town America

Christmas_lights_14 As my husband and I have been driving through rural Alabama and Florida, we've been delightfully surprised to see hundreds of homes and businesses lavishly decorated for Christmas, complete with manger scenes, not only in front of private residences but also in town square after town square.  And when we stop to shop, we've been delighted to hear choruses of "Merry Christmas" nearly every place we go.

I remarked to my husband that it feels more like the America we grew up in, where people and communities weren't ashamed (or afraid of legal repercussions) to celebrate their faith in Jesus Christ. It's been lovely, and has done more to get me in the Christmas spirit than anything else I've done this year. 

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It is very good to hear that at least part of the nation still has the benefit of the free exercise of religion.


Hey, Jerry, I so agree. I'm free to be a Taoist (of sorts) right here in Kansas City. I'm sure you're happy that I can follow my chosen path in this country, right? And by the way, Merry Christmas to all at the Point. Thanks for putting up with me.


America still exists outside of the Beltway and beyond the cities and the coasts.

We aren't terribly well-represented inside the Beltway, but we are still here.


Of course I am very happy that in this country you have the freedom to be a Taoist (of sorts). I’m also glad to see you’re not afraid to wish others a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holidays”.
You too have a Merry Christmas and I pray that someday you will be able to understand the full meaning of the event it celebrates.


I live in a rural, college town in MO. While we have people of every kind here, it is wonderful to be able to celebrate Christ-mas with all that means. I appreciate the manger scene on the courthouse lawn, the Christmas carols we hear as we shop on the square, and the fact that our local Wal-Mart still dares to have Merry Christmas signs instead of Happy Holidays. I wish Christians could celebrate freely in every city like we do here.

Jason Taylor

Happy Dong-zhi Andy.

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