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December 09, 2008

Calling in gay

I'm not sure how well this would go over at your workplace, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fly with Dave the Swede. (And more power to him.)

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Dennis Babish

It appears to me that the pro-Gay Marriage group couldn't present a compelling argument for why people should have voted no on Proposition 8, they now think intimidation, and extortion will convince them. They don't grasp that their arguments are hollow and their actions are convincing that voting yes on Proposition 8 was correct.
Their efforts to make it a Civil Rights issue has failed. They couldn't even convince the black voters that it is related as 70% voted Yes.
Their only hope is if they can keep finding judges that think they are legislators and overstepping their bounds to enact laws forcing gay marriage on the populace that said no to gay marriage.


This was not well thought out. "Calling in 'gay'" implies that being gay is a temporary state or possibly even some sort of illness. Both things I think most gay people would strongly object to.

If you call in 'gay' should you be surprised if your boss asks you when you'll be 'straight' again?

Jason Taylor

Many of the people here think that being gay is a vice and that calling in gay is like calling in high. So that point really only goes so far.


Except for the fact that the phrase "calling in gay" was thought up by two gay men; probably not people who think their lifestyle is a vice.


Fortunately there really aren't that many people who have so thoroughly hardened themselves against God that they've descended into that near utter depravity. The low turn-out demonstrates this.

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