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December 16, 2008

Abortion and the new administration: Make your voice heard

Baraobam12 A coalition of pro-choice organizations has sent Barack Obama and his transition team a document titled "Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration," which has been posted on the president-elect's website.

The document "urge[s] the next President to articulate and implement a vision for a new, commonsense approach to the nation's and the world's pressing reproductive health needs," and outlines the actions they would like to see him take toward that end -- including improving access to abortion worldwide, increasing funding for comprehensive sex education and defunding abstinence-only programs, pushing for the Freedom of Choice Act, and appointing pro-choice judges and government officials.

The Obama website is accepting comments on this document. Click here to read it and to give your opinion.

(Image © LifeNews; H/T FRC Blog and LifeNews)

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Rolley Haggard

I sincerely doubt there is any truth to the rumor that pursuant to these ends the Obama administration is going to amend the Declaration of Independence to describe our unalienable rights as “Life, Lechery, and the Pursuit of Horniness”.

For one thing, “life” has become a four-letter word to those championing the much more palatable “choice”. Surely the wielders of power wouldn’t suffer an embarrassing detail like that to go unaddressed?

On the other hand, adulating four-letter words as they do in the name of freedom of speech, who knows? Maybe they’ll find a vulgar synonym for “life” and leave it in after all.

Hope they don’t drop the alliteration. One can only abide so much.

Freud had one thing right – it’s all about sex.


Rolley wrote: "it’s all about sex."

Reminds me of the vampire discussions - permanent adolescent behavior, fear of reproduction, uncertain commitment, pursuit of new victims, and sucking the life out of people to the point they wish they could die - but can't.

Count Obamacula?

Rolley Haggard

Or Barackula...


No, guys, it's about freedom. If a person is not free in the most intimate aspects of life--like reproduction and yes, sex--then can we really say that he or she is free? Remember, the total control of female sexuality is one thing we in the West deplore about Islam.

I hope that Obama walks us back form religiously-motivated reproductive policies. And I think the folks that voted for him will be fine with that.


Andy, I suspect I'm stealing an M.D.'s thunder here, but your freedom to swing your scalpel-filled fist ends where another human life begins.

Or at least, it should.

And Hefner's Playboy Philosophy (and vampirism before that) is all about sexual freedom of only one partner, irrespective of damage done to the other partner.

The risks of abortion - psychological trauma, sterility, death of the mother - are well-documented. Our motivation is no longer purely religious, but partly humanitarian.

C'mon - you're a much better thinker than this.


There is no such thing as a lack of religious motivation, a lack of ultimate concerns. What you are saying, Andy, that your religion puts sexual pleasure in the place of a god, is your god, and you want your religion to rule over all of the rest of us, even to the brutal murder of millions of human sacrifices to your god.

With the denial-fog removed, is that what you -really- want?

Jason Joyner

Thanks for posting this. As I wrote in a comment, since I just had a baby girl, I can't understand the commitment by people to elevate "choice" to the highest good above life. I'm glad I had the opportunity to share.

Keep up the good work here!


I'm only about 15 into the comments posted on Obama's blog, but I find it interesting that most of the commentators so far are against the reproductive rights agenda. One commentator even said,

"It doesn't have to have a conservative basis either; I'm a pro-life liberal atheist!"

If those who claim to be liberal atheists think that abortion is ludicrous, how does a self-described Christian defend it?


Here's another interesting comment posted on Obama's blog:

"I speak for MILLIONS of Americans here when I beg you, "Please, please don't disappoint me." I am all for the woman's right to choose -- though I believe that with good education, good prenatal care, and better health care, perhaps abortions could be reduced - I would not personally get an abortion and would talk a friend out of wanting to get one, BUT I would never take away another woman's legal choice to do so. However, I -- and many Americans -- believe the abortion laws are just fine the way they are. I KNOW there are better things we can spend our tax money on. I know you mentioned equality laws for adoption, which will open up so many doors. Please help make it easier for people to adopt, as well as make it easier for women to put their babies up for adoption. They always SAY adoption is an option, but I know you can help make it one that more Americans can take!"


It is amazing to me that the right wing, which includes the word "Freedom" in their diatribes at every opportunity, totally turns around on any issue to do with sex. I have no doubt that if you had the power, you would ban birth-control, re-criminalize all non-marital sex, and restart the companies that sold spiked anti-erection devices for teenage boys back in the 19th century. The nation has moved on from Victorianism, and it is never going back. Not even eight years of Bush and his theocons in the Justice department could drag us back.

As a reminder, all three anti-abortion bills up for a vote this fall failed, and two failed big. The nation, while it is ambivalent about abortion, is not eager for the religious right to "rule over all of the rest of us."

On the whole "Hefner" thing, I give you this quote from none other than right-wing icon Anne Coulter, who once said on Rivera Live: "Let’s say I go out every night. I meet a guy and have sex with him. Good for me. I’m not married." Wow, who knew that AC's god is sex? Hope she carries protection.


Is freedom about being able to do what I want? Free to do what I feel is okay?
All right then,...I have a very annoying neighbor...

No, freedom is always about doing what I ought to do. I am free to drive down the freeway at high speeds, as long as I stay in my lane. I must take into account all the other drivers, too.


Rolley, my friend, I shan't fail to point out that this proof positive that I am only half as funny as you. Thanks immensely for the laugh.


Andy, Andy, Andy - this is supposed to be a thoughtful blog site, not one where we merely lob diatribes from our bunkers.

And greg is correct - we're interested in balancing individual freedom against what's good for society. Seems to me that encouraging the disproportional disposal of African-American babies, after celebrating the election of our first African-American president, is just a tad hypocritical.

And news flash - not all right-wingers have the same view of morality. AC loves to say things for their shock value. And I think her "protection" is Smith&Wesson. (Talk about limiting a guy's freedom!) She doesn't speak for me or most Christians I know.

Looking forward, in the audacity of hope, to a real discussion with you...


What variety of Taoism is compatible with your views about brutally murdering millions of babies for the sake of convenience? Or with your views about sex? Are you not badly out of balance with the Tao? Or is my understanding of Taoism mistaken?


Lab: I am myself ambivalent about abortion. If a young woman came to me with an unplanned pregnancy, I would advise against abortion to the best of my ability. I would offer whatever fiscal help I could, and yes, one of the reasons is that the Tao is at work behind the event. So we may be more close about what abortion is, but totally at odds on what to do about it. I don't think the overturning of a law will do a thing to end it.

As for Taoists and sex: well, perhaps you are confusing Taoist ideas on the matter with Confucian ones. Google might help you on that, but you might need to crank your filter up...

Like most liberals, I am against the effort I see on the right to meddle in the intimate affairs of folks who are not of their belief. If you guys can mess with our sex lives, then there's little else you can be stopped from fiddling with.

Lee: I beg to differ. The Ven diagram of Evangelicals and the purchasers of Ann, Sean, and Rush's books is practically a circle. You guys have roped yourselves to right-wing pundits, Fox News and the GOP for decades now. You and they are now synonymous to most Americans. Why do you think everyone laughs at "FOX is right wing" jokes? Because humor and truth are brothers.

And I imagine the only time you'll consider me "thoughtful" is the day I convert and think exactly like you. That might take a while...


Andy, I don't read or listen to Ann/Sean/Rush. Ever. So the Venn diagram has at least one outlier. Humor and truth are brothers, but not twins.

And I've enjoyed all of our exchanges save one, and that lone exception was my fault. (Never post when provoked about something else, I learned.) I have *always* seen you as thoughtful. You're no Roberto Rivera, yet, but I think you have great potential and I hope you keep trying to develop it.

Finally, note that the only way to avoid meddling in the affairs of others is to have no laws - so victims and potential victims have no protection. How do you feel about that? (Or does the sage simply accept the ebb and flow?)


You are right. I am not clear on the distinctions between Taoism and Confucianism. I plead 'round-eyed barbarian' ;-) I thought I'd ask you for the reasons you noted with Google. I know a little, but what little I know comes from potentially unreliable sources.

I think you'll find that most of we orthodox Christians of various stripes also believe that the civil government should be strictly limited in its power and scope. This comes from our belief in original sin and thus that power tends to corrupt. That we would restore the laws concerning homosexual behavior to what they were ten years ago, and on abortion to what they were before Roe v Wade does not mean police spying upon bedrooms. What happens in a public parade or public park, though, would fall under their purview. The matter of abortion of course is about murder, not private behavior between consenting adults.

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