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November 24, 2008

The Point Radio: Advertising Atheism

An ad campaign against God?...

Click play above to listen.
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The main logical problem I find with many atheists is how hard they work against God. If they actually believed there was no God wouldn't they simply not care whether people believed in God or not?

The problem with an ad campaign against God is that it has to mention God. ;)

Steve (SBK)

"The problem with an ad campaign against God is that it has to mention God. ;)"

Heh. Of course, the reply would be something like "We must fight against mass-delusions" or something. (The language used will be altered to wrest power and control of the discussion. And as such, stiff control usually results in some form of propaganda).


Brings to mind an old quote from the Communist era (Muggeridge, I think):

"Russia has abolished God. So far, God has been more tolerant."


"... probably no God"??!?! Not "absolutely", "undoubtedly" or "unquestionably" no God? Seems to me that Pascal, the father of probability and statistics, had several conclusions about this (not just his famous "wager").

When they put up ads that say "We believe with 99.5% certainty (plus or minus 0.02%) that there is no God", I'll get a bit more interested.

When they say "I'm willing to be killed for my belief that there is no God", I'll start to believe they're serious. I'd really like to see Dawkins, Harris and/or Hitchens move to a mostly Muslim country and publish their works. But I think they've seen what happened to Salman Rushdie, and the courage of their convictions has evaporated. (My friends who were translating the Bible into Uzbek, were ordered to leave Uzbekistan recently. I'm proud of them for having the courage to raise their small children in such a country, at the risk of all their lives.) Atheism's rallying cry is (as we learn from Ps. 39:5) merely a vapor of vapors.

P.S.: Both Steves together is a truly powerful combination. Rock on, brothers!!

John R Warner

Christ said thatb
there is no one good but God
Even with all his money it did help the rich ruler. He was tole to sell what he had and give to the poor There are millions that still brlive in God
Check out the Bible and see what it has to say to you
Psals 14:i speaks o f those who do not beleive in God
Please do not be caught in the lies you are promoting
We still believe that Christmas which is ok even if it is a pagan holiday that giving gifts does something for us
John R Warner

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