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November 26, 2008

Over the River and Thru the Woods...

You know, if women ran America, Thanksgiving would take place on Friday, and we'd have Thursday off to grocery shop, vacuum, iron the big white tablecloth, make cranberry sauce and pies, polish the silver, set the table, and make sure we had enough serving dishes to hold the vastly expanded menu items. But SOMEBODY decided we should celebrate on Thursday instead--which means we women (and it usually is women) have to try to jam in all the above-mentioned labor after work on Wednesday. I'm often up until midnight making preparations.

Not that I'm complaining. After all, it's much easier than Christmas preparations, which start the day AFTER Thanksgiving....

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I hope this doesn't sound like a sexist comment, as it is not intended to be. But since it has been at least 12 hours since I have put my foot in my mouth, here goes.

I always feel a bit sad for women who are in a position where they have to work outside the home. While I understand there are exceptions in desires, I also feel like every woman deserves a chance to truly be a homemaker.

My wife grew up always wanting to be a stay-at-home mom (which she is now), but in the last seven years of marriage we have had countless conversations where she has felt guilty that she isn't providing for the households bottom line.

Now, before people start thinking that I'm some sort of dictatorial husband who insists on keeping his wife barefoot in the kitchen pregnant ... I'm not. She actually prefers to be barefoot. ;-)

Seriously though, I do help quite a bit during the holidays ... I make the turkey, and the potatoes, and the yams (from the garden that I grew), and the applesauce (from a nearby apple orchard).

Women being "told" that they "should" go to work have been done a dis-service, because I realize how unusual I am in my helping prepare. You are absolutely right, women tend to get the short end of the stick; they come home and then prepare while their husband watches football (or whatever it is normal husbands do).

So is my foot in my mouth? I can never tell. My wife usually has to tell me first. :)

anne morse

Absolutely no interest in staying home with the dog--my kids are grown and gone--I love to work, wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, my husband does just as much cooking and cleaning as I do for Thanksgiving. But--since we both work, it really would be easier to have a whole day to prepare....Same thing for mothers of young children. I would have loved to have been able to take my small sons to a babysitter on Wednesday so I'd have the whole day to prepare. It's not any easier to prepare such a big undertaking simply because you are a full-time homemaker... Whether you work at home or at an office, you've got a big pile of chores you don't normally have to do. Since we have both Thursday and Friday off, I vote for moving Turkey Day to Friday!


I think the reason we have friday off is because thansgiving is on thursday. If Thanksgiving was always on friday I think we would still have to work the day before, but would only have a 3 day weekend.

r clark

be careful what you wish for. Since my wife and I are both independent contractors, we take off when we want, which usually included the Wed. before Thanksgiving. All that does is raise the bar, with more time she thinks of more things that "have to be done".


The idea of Moving Turkey Day to Friday is an abomination, just as this recent atrocity of moving holidays to Monday is an abomination.

A much better idea would be to add Wednesday as a holiday and call it National Preparation Day. Friday after Thanksgiving could also usefully become National Recovery Day in order to spare the poor souls who currently have to work that day.

And, now that I'm on the subject, it makes no sense for the country to be pretending to work from Honica to January 8th. All of those days could become National Multicultural Holidays to embrace everyone.


If Thanksgiving were moved to Friday, how long do you think we would continue to have Thursday off? A year? Two? Then we'd be left in the same situation we're in now, except the weekend would be a day shorter.


Anne wrote: "You know, if women ran America,"

Still smarting over the whole Sarah Palin episode, hmmm? I'm sorry to hear it; hopefully time will heal. ;-) ;-)

If men truly ran America, Thanksgiving would be a turkey TV dinner for everyone, in front of the football game. There wouldn't be 3 frantic trips to the grocery store, massive preparation of the house, and complete exhaustion by nightfall (unless your team lost).

I think it would be best if Christ ran America (not as a theocracy, lest Andy go completely apoplectic, but everyone's hearts aligned to Him). That way holidays would be holy days, focused on the relationships (whether via football, or food, or a walk over the crunchy leaves) and not on mere trappings.

And a question: what's really stopping any of us from celebrating on Friday instead of Thursday? Material Madness Day? I think we could all make personal decisions to move the holiday, and celebrate Thursday as, oh, say Anne Morse Day or Famous Republican Look-alike Day or something.


I say, have your huge meal on Friday instead! Who cares what day you celebrate on, since we're thankful all the time anyway. Right? ;)

Actually, I took it easy this Thanksgiving. I did not clean up the house. (Hor ;rors!) I did not prepare things from scratch (except the turkey, and maybe a pie). I was able to do a couple of crafts with the kids, and allow one daughter to help me in the kitchen. I don't own silver, much less do any polishing. I used our plain white Corelle dishes rather than hauling out all the china. Come to think of it, I should have done paper plates. Would've saved some clean-up.

I had a *much* nicer time than usual, just mentally relaxing.

We don't watch football here. Hubby did tractor work outside, though.

Dan Knight

"if Christ ran America (not as a theocracy, lest Andy go completely apoplectic..."

Not sure who Andy is, nor his obviously previously vented arguements, but a Theocracy is what Heaven is: It's not called a Kingdom for nothing.

When Christ returns, he will rule & reign in a Theocratic state.

What I suspect - in my aforementioned ignorance - Andy is opposed to is where humans rule in a so-called "theocracy", but what in fact is a "religion-ocracy" or more appropriately a idolocracy, where they have elevated their own image of god to justify their own means. This too I oppose!

The worst thing that could happen to any country is to have the christians (or jews or muslims or...) have power to rule without opposition, dare I say, Godly opposition.

We should be thankful that we have the democrats in power - for now - let it remind both reps & dems that in America, the government can be changed by "we the people". But, even if that were not the case, let us be Thankful that God rules in our hearts...we live in a true Theocracy even within the culture of a democracy.


Dan Knight wrote: "Not sure who Andy is,"

You've missed a treat, Dan! Andy is one of The Point's members of the Intelligent and Sometimes Civil But Always Loyal Opposition (ISCBALO, Local #312). He's an atheist and a left-wing Democrat - so he'd agree with you, at least about being thankful Democrats are in power. Interacting with him is usually interesting and fun, if one can keep a cool head on one's shoulders and avoid replying when already vexed about something else.

But in terms of Anne's original posting, this is taking us rather far over the river, and certainly through the woods...

Dan Knight

"But in terms of Anne's original posting, this is taking us rather far over the river, and certainly through the woods..." I agree.
In terms of Anne's original post, I wanted to reply:
"If women ran America..." men would do all the cooking and cleaning, and would that be a fine mess....

But that seemed too sexist :)

Some of you guys need to lighten up....especially you, LeeQ. (What's the matter? Did somebody steal your piece of pumpkin pie?)

As a matter of fact, my family did celebrate on Friday, because that's the only day we could all get together.

Gina Dalfonzo

It's okay, Anne (that was Anne who just commented). People are just feeling a little moody, I think.

Funny, long weekends around the extended family don't always have the effect on us that Norman Rockwell would have had you believe. At least, in my case they don't. :-)

Steve (SBK)

Correction Notice to LeeQuod (I know, surprise!).

"He's an atheist and a left-wing Democrat"

I don't believe (sorry Andy for jumping in here) he categorizes himself as atheist.

Wait, I just did a search on a discussion I remember having with him and, he *may* be an atheist (though not a materialist) - but with some Eastern mysticism thrown in.

Anyway, here's the link:

And, here's a quote from that link - one of the reasons I "remember Andy":
"So yes, Gina and Steve, I hold to the view that the Universe and all that occurs within it is intrinsically perfect. Not good, not bad, or any other quality assigned by humans. Perfect in own right, on its own terms. (Now you can go home and tell your friends about the crazy man you met on the blog...)"

But, he IS a Democrat (I'm pretty sure...) - even though Republican or Democrat as President, or Man or Woman cooking the Turkey, is intrinsically perfect.


Anne wrote: "Some of you guys need to lighten up....especially you, LeeQ. (What's the matter? Did somebody steal your piece of pumpkin pie?)"

Dearest Anne, nothing whatsoever is the matter except that I need yet another lesson in how to better express myself online. (Sigh.) I do admit that the furious preparations for a single day seem excessive to me, and that I would be quite satisfied with a TV dinner and time to reflect and truly be thankful. (I was thankful that we only had 14 people in our house for dinner this year, and that the pipes below the sink came loose early enough in the morning to get the water mopped up and the drain snaked out with an hour to spare before the food was ready. And that's not sarcasm; prior years have been somewhat more... involved.)

But if you succeeded in your effort to get a day off for preparation in advance of the holiday, I would seriously be leading the charge to rename The Day Before Thanksgiving Day to Anne Morse Day. I think it's an excellent idea. (But I'm also a tiny bit skeptical; I usually take the entire week off, and it never seems to be enough.) Or if you felt that was a bit over-the-top and embarrassing, to a day honoring all Republican look-alikes. ;-)

And I really do wish Sarah Palin had achieved higher office, so that attention could have been focused on women trying to work and run a household. But that (and indeed, the whole Anne Morse Day thing) was intended as humor; I'd already lightened up.

But alas, no one stole my pumpkin pie, so I ate it. I'm off for a walk to burn some calories! Along the way I'll reflect on the extremely high regard I have for you, and how best to behave in the future.

Oh, and I'll also think about decorating the house for Christmas... :-)


Thank you, SBK - based on that excerpt, Andy would technically be a pantheist.

My comment was somewhat intended to draw him out, rather like poking a stick down a hole to see if the badger is home. (I even had formulated something placating to say.) Maybe if Regis posted a piece on the classic work "The Tao of Physics"...

... but indeed, it's always interesting to consider the incredible depth of faith of someone who sees so many things wrong in the world (for example, the existence of Karl Rove) and yet still believes in the intrinsic perfection of everything. As I told Dan, interacting with Andy is a real treat; the "extended family" at The Point probably makes Gina wish she could serve some of us (me in particular) our Thanksgiving dinner out on the porch...

Steve (SBK)

"the "extended family" at The Point probably makes Gina wish she could serve some of us (me in particular) our Thanksgiving dinner out on the porch..."

Ah, but LeeQuod, WHO then would make us snort wishbones out our noses from laughing too hard?

(One of my all time favorite Far Side's: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2005/06/13/business/13cartoon.jpg )


The answer lies in properly balancing one's vocations - callings - from God.

To fail to do so is to be part of the problem in this society, about which one writes jeremiads, rather than modeling solutions for others.


SBK, you're my dear friend. But can you imagine the two of us enduring tongue-lashings about decorum, proper behavior at least once a year for the sake of the family, the otolaryngological dangers of snorting wishbones and how Uncle Engelbert was such a fine talker until a tiny chicken wishbone - not a huge turkey one, mind you - rendered him completely mute... all as I maintained an exaggeratedly straight face, which gave you a case of the chuckles, which finally caused us both to collapse in gales of laughter - only to both be banished, unfed, to the porch (where we'd already hidden a flashlight and a copy each of "The Complete Far Side Collection" and "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes", plus snacks)?

We'd certainly have a great time. And with the resulting mere lump of coal in each of our Christmas stockings, plus a carrot swiped from the refrigerator, we could still have some fun:

Norman Rockwell vs. the tag team of Gary Larson and Bill Watterson - nolo contendere, fer sure!

Gina Dalfonzo

Well, I wouldn't be the one doing the throwing -- on the contrary, I'd join you. There's no way you guys are gonna hog the "Calvin & Hobbes" and "The Far Side" while I'm around! :-)

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