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November 25, 2008

That’s not how you do it

If David Waters truly believes that a good way to go to church is "visiting every possible house of worship from Baptist to Buddhist, from Methodist to Mormon to Muslim, from Catholic to Jewish to Pentecostal . . . [as] an opportunity to make a statement for America's brand of religious tolerance and pluralism," then he doesn't understand why people go to church.

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It actually sounds (from the summary, not having read the article) that he has "invented" another religion, I call it "Americanity" ... which I believe is a very similar belief system to Ms. Winfrey.

Jason Taylor

Thats kind of like saying that the way to get where you are going is to drive your car in endless circles in the middle of rush hour.


Secularists seem to think that religion is like preferring a Mac to linux or PC - a matter of taste and community.

They don't understand that it is about what is.

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