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November 20, 2008

Just call them Robin Hood

Oil_tanker Evidently, crime in Somalia DOES pay. Here's one mother's response to the "blessings" her town is receiving thanks to these criminals:

Regardless of how the money is coming in, legally or illegally, I can say it has started a life in our town.... Our children are not worrying about food now and they go to Islamic schools in the morning and play soccer in the afternoon. They are happy.

I wonder if those Islamic schools teach that the proper way to punish thieves is to cut off their hands?

(Image © AP)

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The governments of the free world need to issue letters of marque against this pirate towns.

That is the traditional, and effective way.

If no navy or marine force is courageous enough, or politically protected enough to deal with the problem, then surely Blackwater or perhaps the French Foreign Legion could do so.

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