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November 26, 2008

In the Hands of Thugs

At this moment, our religious freedom is resting in the hands of thugs. 

Following the passing of Proposition 8, militant and violent thugs are persecuting Mormons because they were among the groups that voted for this amendment. Advertising is a powerful tool to whip up desires and passions, and the thugs are using it, as you can see by the disturbing advertisement below.

Here's some suggestions for Christians: If you're in the area, offer to help the victims of intimidation and vandalism. Some might feel called to help defend people against these vile attacks. Those of you with the ability to write, let's hear from you with articles or letters to editors.

It's up to us, through Christ, to speak out against this persecution, in the name of freedom.

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Gotta disagree with you on this ad. It defines exactly what me and millions of other Americans think fundamentalist religions like Mormonism are all about. We have a first amendment right to get our message out, just like you do. If you have a problem with this ad, make your own and get them out there. I think the ad is spot-on, and the only problem is that it did not come out earlier in the campaign, when it could have had a greater impact.

There have been a few deplorable incidents that have played into the right-wing victim meme. That is the wrong way to go. Ads like this are powerful and one of the best ways we have of pushing back against heavy-handed religious organizations and their bronze-age social agenda.

Gina Dalfonzo

I love how when left-wingers are attacked, it's a genuine attack, and when right-wingers are attacked, it's "the right-wing victim meme."

Jason Ibrahim

One of the many points of irony in this whole debate is the way the "No on 8" crowd, allegedly fighting to live their lives the way they choose, generally seem to have not one iota of respect for the way Mormons, and other social conservatives, choose to live their lives.

Phillip Woeckener

Fear is an extremely powerful motivator. This advertisement is soaked in it. It's purpose is to motivate like minded constituents to act.

I was reminded recently that as a Christian I should fear neither man, nor government, but only God, who holds my future in His hands.

Jesus spoke to this issue, as he was addressing Pontius Pilate, who was deliberating Jesus' fate, when he said in John 19:11, “You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above. So the one who brought me to you has the greater sin.”

Once again I submit to the will of God to determine my fate. All of this is very temporal and will soon pass away.


I have to say: It's a good ad. I greatly disagree with its message, I am against homosexual marriage, but it was well-put together and says its message very clearly and effectively.

And Andy's right: they do have the ability to also state what they see as the truth. I can understand why they feel the way they do; they were given the right and now it's been rescinded. It doesn't matter if the right never should have been given in the first place. I can understand the anger and the frustration.

Alas, I will have to stand by a church sign I saw not long ago: "Only Jesus Christ will create real change." Only that love of Christ will compel people to see that God's way is the best way.

Benjamin Ady

It also seemed to me that some thuggery was going on, but it seemed to be mostly being done by those who did effectively rip in half the marriage licenses of 18,000 couples in California.

jason taylor

No, they said that they are not legally obliged to recognize the marriage licenses of 18,000 couples in California. Are you suggesting that 18,000 couples should have their lives transformed by the government's favor like some fawning courtier?

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