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November 24, 2008

Ever wonder what makes up stuff?

Matrix ...You know, the familiar things of this material world? Well, matter, of course. And, as we all learned in high school science, matter is primarily made up of protons and neutrons which, themselves are made up of quarks. But what are quarks made of?

According to this report, "matter is merely vacuum fluctations." In other words, if you were to peer inside a quark to see what "it is," you would find...there is no there, there! 

Looks like Madonna had it wrong--she is a virtual girl living in a virtual world...as are the rest of us. That's right, we're in the Matrix. Now back to my virtual cup of Joe...hmm!

(Image © Warner Bros.)

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The article says: '"There is no computer on Earth that could possibly store such a big matrix in its memory," Dürr told New Scientist,'

And yet, God certainly has it in *His* memory - and all of its history, and all of its future, too. Every quark-antiquark pair that ever has been, is, or ever will be, is known by Him.

Is that why so many physicists are deeply committed Christians? They get a glimmer of insight into the mind of God (as the OT prophets did into the heart of God) and they're overwhelmed...

David Cervera

We tend to think of ourselves as solid and real, while God is ethereal and, well, less than real. It's interesting to think that the exact opposite is true - that we're the ghosts and phantoms, and God is the true solid ground.

Rachel Coleman

I love it!

It reminds me of the children's song, "My God is so BIG!"

While the Matrix is enough to freak anyone out, the knowledge that God is so beyond us, so mysterious, so … BIG makes me feel all cozy and safe.

With all his complexity, so hard for me to comprehend, he knows my name.

Gina Dalfonzo

David, sounds like C. S. Lewis was on to something in "The Great Divorce"! :-)


We are just foam floating on the Dirac Sea. . .

Of course, we are plenty solid. No way we can overpower all that vacuum energy swirling in the strong and weak nuclear forces. You can see it every time you look at a droplet of water. That is the Sea of Dirac forcing the water into that mound, overpowering gravity a little, on that scale.

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