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November 24, 2008

Better late than never

Reader Sharon Soderlund sent this story about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development last week. It begins as folllows:

On November 23rd in Catholic churches around the country ushers will pass collection baskets for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Millions of trusting Catholics will contribute “to help the poor.” What many don’t know is that their hard-earned dollars will pour into the coffers of liberal organizations promoting causes they oppose and which often hurt the poor.

I had every intention of putting this up on Friday, but unfortunately, it slipped my mind. I apologize. However, though it's now less timely, it's still an important story and many of you will want the information for future reference, so I'm posting it now.

Below is a video that Sharon also sent, which explains more.

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Gina wrote: "I apologize."

Hmmm, what's that quote from Allen? Oh, yeah - "Pfffffttt!!" Apologies should instead be flowing from us to you, Gina, for our failure to tell you regularly how much we appreciate your service as a front-line culture warrior, especially in view of how little we know about its personal impact on you (and your bloggers, too, for that matter). I still smile at servicemen and servicewomen in uniform in airports, and thank them when they'll tolerate the intrusion. How much more should I be grateful for those who do daily battle against unseen principalities and powers like Screwtape and Wormwood, and their human dupes?

But to the point of this blog entry (because I *do* try to stay on Point for you - even if I'm not always successful), I'm thinking of the "righteous hue and cry" we'd hear from the Left if, say, Peace Corps or United Way donations were actually being used to fund small business development for Caucasian males. In fact, I'm trying to imagine an *end* to the hue and cry... and I'm failing.

Gina Dalfonzo

You're very kind, LeeQuod! But I do wish I'd remembered, so our Catholic readers could have had the information on Sunday when they needed it.

Julia  Anderson

Dearest Gina, How do we get this out to the general public? I want to forward this You Tube to all my contacts. My children go to a Jesuit High School. Do they know this?? (the Jesuits?) How can I inform them? also my daugher just graduated Gonzaga Univ.. Does the Pope have a comment?

Gina Dalfonzo

Julia, you can do just what you said: Forward it to your contacts. And talk to people at your church and your kids' school. You might also try writing letters to the editor of any Catholic publications to which you subscribe.

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