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October 30, 2008

We can be just as (un)scientific as the next pollster

In these days when our lives are ruled by phone polls, Internet polls, man-on-the-street polls, poll results on every news broadcast, and every other kind of poll imaginable (and some unimaginable), we'd be remiss if we didn't join in the misery fun. Vote in our poll at right, and stop by the comments section under this post to tell us about what you're doing for your candidate, especially if you voted for "Other." (As long as your version of "other" didn't involve anything crude, lewd, or illegal!)

Click below for the results of the previous poll . . .

Total votes in the poll about having your own blog: 334

33.8% - 113 votes

22.8% - 76 votes
No, but I have a website/MySpace/ Facebook/other

8.7% - 29 votes
No, but I want one

34.7% - 116 votes
No, and I don't want one 

Thanks to all who participated. I'm interested to see we have so many fellow bloggers; if you'd like to submit your blog for consideration in our blogroll, send the URL and we'll take a look. And if you're one of those who wants a blog, Blogger is a great tool for getting started!

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Other: signed up as a poll worker to help make sure voters get a chance to vote and keep an eye out for monkey business. ;)

Chris Clukey

Walking a precinct, displaying signs and stickers (thanks, Obama supporters, for the new key scratches on my truck!), and serving as a poll watcher on Tuesday and voting, of course.

Steve (SBK)

Other: Not American.

Gina Dalfonzo

Steve, no problem -- you can still tell us what you do for your favorite candidates where you are!

Steve (SBK)

In that case: I just vote (and sometimes honk).

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