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October 28, 2008

Shouldn’t this bother us?


Most of us have probably seen the videos of schoolchildren singing songs about how Obama is going to change (or save?) the world. In other videos, people actually call him the messiah. And then there is the photo of a "Saint Obama" candle I saw posted online the other day. Now, Obama himself claims that a "righteous wind" is propelling him to victory. 

Is anyone out there bothered by this but me? After all, when people tried to worship Paul and Barnabas (Acts 14), they "tore their robes" (a sign of great grief) and issued vehement denials -- turning the people's attention to Jesus instead. 

I know that members of Sen. Obama's team will say, "He's not saying these things about himself -- other people are doing that, and he has no control over them." But where are his denials? As a Christian, shouldn't Sen. Obama be bothered by how people are referring to him? (I think I would be terrified: a holy God will not be mocked!)

If anyone has heard Barack Obama deliberately deny the "deifying" rhetoric of some of his followers, then please let us know. And if he hasn't, then what does this tell us about him?

(Image courtesy of the Houston Chronicle)

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He had the direct chance in an interview with a John Lauer IRC, who asked something like "poeple are calling you the messiah, how will you respond to these expectations?" and Obama said something like "It will take time."

He had a chance and did not. It is purely God's grace that he did not like Herod, fall down, be eaten by worms, and then die.

Oliver North reports having been stopped in traffic by a convoy of Obama and entourage, and people getting out of their cars, running to the curb and shouting "it's the messiah!". He is also being hailed as such in other nations around the world, and of course by Louis Farrakhan.

I am thinking that it would be a violation of the First Commandment to vote for Obama or bar Kochva or any other false claimant to deity or messiah-hood.

It could be analogous to taking the Mark of the Beast.


Doesn't have control of them?

When McCain's followers went all berserk didn't the MSM demand that McCain get them back in line?

Scary stuff.

dennis babish

Labrialumn I agree with you.
Even Paul and Barnabus had to do something before people tried to worship them.
In January are we having an inauguration or a coronation if Obama wins?
Antichrist has come to mind recently.

Robert Van de Water


People cheered when David delivered the Israelites from Goliath and the Philistines. Would it have been immoral to say that David was a deliverer sent by God? A type of savior? The reason Paul and Barnabas tore their garments is because the people were worshiping them as gods.

Having said that, the spirit of antichrist is the spirt that man can do without God and so it always bothers me whenever someone thinks salvation comes from a political figure. If Obama said that he could meet "messianic" expectations, then his ego is clearly out of control.


This is what I meant by Republican hysteria, though the converse of what you said is far more disturbing to me then what you actually said. Is a vote for McCain/Palin a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and essential for salvation?


I'm not personally too concerned about the religious rhetoric that surrounds Obama's campaign only because there have been similar cults surrounding political figures for centuries. To take just two more contemperary examples, both FDR and Reagan were and are still elevated to quasi-divine positions within their parties. I don't see this as much different. It's really sad that people have such high hopes in fallen beings, but that's the human heart, and I think it would take a great exijetical stretch to be announcing or at least implying the end of days as some are.
Further, I think it unwise to suggest that Obama endorses those who he does not denounce. By this standard, both John McCain and Hilary Clinton are horrible racists as supporters of both have been caught on camera time and time again saying they refuse to vote for a black man. I think a more accurate analysis of the situation would be that Obama is simply a politician, and politicians usually take whatever help they can get to be reelected. While Obama himself may or may not think he is the messiah (I doubt it), he will not denounce those who wish to portray him in that light because it gets him votes. Just like while McCain or Clinton may or may not be racists (I doubt it), they will not denounce those who attack Obama due to their racist beliefs because it gets them more votes.


McCain's followers never said those things that the MSM/PLM claimed that they did. FWIW.

Now a couple of Democrats maced a local McCain office.

Dennis, he certainly seems to be running more for antichrist than for president. That doesn't necessarily mean that he -is- The Antichrist, of course, for it is written that many antichrists will come, and many have already come. All who deny that Jesus *came* *in the flesh* are of the spirit of the Antichrist (1 John).

de Water, your imagined converse is logically warrantless. Your name-calling is also without merit.

Neither FDR (before my time) nor Ronald Reagan were declared Messiah by public figures or by followers. There were no shrines, no votive candles, no declarations that they were the Alpha and the Omega. No little children singing songs of praise to them the way they do for Obama, or Mao, or Kim Jung-Il.

There is simply no comparison.

Benjamen R. Meyer


There is a big difference between denouncing someone for calling someone you racist and denouncing someone for calling you 'messiah' or 'god'.

Obama really should denouncing those calling him 'messiah' - or at least provide clarification on the subject so as not to be confused with a christ-like (or anti-christ-like) figure.

I certainly wouldn't want to be him standing before the judgement throne if I was in that position.

Chris Clukey

Sy...I may take issue with other things in your post later (particularly the idea that Reagan is deified) but I'd like you to provide some links to some of the video of McCain supporters saying they are refusing to vote for Obama solely based on his race. Where did this occur? Where can I see the video, which should be plentiful since it's happened "time and time again?"

Samuel X

So... if I'm reading this right, on Inauguration Day, Obama is sworn in and then assassinated by a Senatorial conspiracy, whereupon Biden assumes office and authorizes the arrest of the perpetrators, setting off a civil war...?

What I want to know is, who plays the role of the soothsayer?


Diane, to answer your question, yes, I am bothered by this because Mr. Obama claims to be a Christian.

In my opinion, if Mr. Obama has not publicly rejected the "messiah" title, it poses the question of whether his political life is congruent with the spiritual life he claims.

And it is always sad and challenging to believers to observe people trying to fill the "God-shaped hole" with a human being, political party, or election platform.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few..." We need to be about our Father's business!

Josh Riley

Discernment is noticeably lacking in the American church right now. Politics will never save us, and there are those on the right who are "trusting in chariots" in the form of Republicans. But the swooning over Obama is disappointing, especially among young evangelicals who really can't enunciate anything about him other than 1) he is likeable and 2) he isn't Bush.


Over and over again, Obama has said 'this is not about me, it's about you," referring to the voters. I know. I was at a rally where he said it. I know that Obama derangement syndrome is incipient on the right, and will blossom fully should he win next Tuesday, but everything I have seen about the man tells me that he is grounded and as humble as anyone running for the most powerful office on the planet could possibly be.

Diane Singer

Andy, FYI, if Obama wins next Tuesday, I'll continue to do what I've always done: pray for our president. I don't have to like the person who holds the position; I only have to obey the Lord when He tells me to "Pray for those who are in authority over you." I'm sure I'm not alone among those who, right now, see Obama as a disaster waiting to happen. If anything, a President Obama might encourage some of us to pray even harder.


It is indeed foolish to trust in chariots (modern: tanks) but we *are* obligated to God to fulfill our vocations as citizens, and thus the government of this independent republic in a way that is faithful to God and which honors Him.

Voting for a false messiah, an antichrist, is not a valid way of fulfilling that vocation.

Robert Van de Water


I am obese. There is really no getting around this fact. I commit the sin of gluttony and do not treat this flesh as I should treat the temple of the Holy Spirit. It is an undeniable fact.

Let me ask you a question. Let us say that you and I knew each other on a social basis. At the wedding of a mutual friend, your five year-old runs around chanting "Mr. Van de Water is really fat." over and over again? Would you permit this behavior? Or would you ask her to treat me respectfully?

Obama may or may not be a Christian. How am I to know? Consider the following verses:

"hand this man over to Satan, so that the sinful nature may be destroyed and his spirit saved on the day of the Lord." (1 Corinthians 5:5)

Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme. (1 Timothy 1:20-22)

These verses mean to me that someone who genuinely believes in Christ may even be guilty of Blasphemy and still be saved. So if someone can blaspheme and still be saved, how do I know that someone like Obama is not merely deceived?

Even if I was as sure as you were that Obama was not a Christian, I would still believe that there are some truths which must be shared in a very tactful and discerning way that the name of Christ might not be blasphemed. If all Christians act like five year olds and share every truth without any consideration for tact or kindness, how will we win the world?

Now I have heard Obama called a terrorist, an unprintable racial eptithet, a Muslim, a Marxist and the anti-christ. Surely you must see how this is perceived outside of the Christian bubble? Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I believe that you are angry and excited because of Obama's (admittedly deplorable) views on abortion. This is why I said that you were buying into a hysteria. I am sorry if I offended you.

And now I must once again away. Please remember, my brothers and sisters, that God is still on the throne regardless of what happens next Tuesday.

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