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October 29, 2008

Palin’ Groovy

Palin_rally Due to The Crazy Real Job, I am late in relating my fun, Palinriffic Monday. The day started out with an early, chilly-outside, warm-inside rally for Sarah America in Leesburg, Virginia. I had the double good fortune of both standing behind someone with a great sign and being 6-foot-2 and thereby edged my way into NRO's photo journal of the rally (tall white guy on the left). I, unfortunately, was unable to manage a sign of my own, given that I had my gun bitterly clutched in my left hand and my "religion" bitterly clutched in my right.

Next, after a Crazy Real Job interlude, we celebrated our two-year-old daughter's birthday, including some good old-fashioned, mind-numbing American arcading at Chuck E Cheese. Continuing the day's Sarah America theme, the birthday girl eschewed the toddler activities and repeatedly insisted on playing Arctic Thunder ... a snow-machine racing game! I certainly didn't encourage it, but I admit feeling both fatherly and patriotic pride.

Oh yeah, my daughter's name? Yep -- Sarah.

(Image © National Review Online)

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Gina Dalfonzo

Must be nice to be tall. I wouldn't know. :-) A very happy belated birthday to your Sarah, and I'm glad you got to see the other Sarah!


A 6'2" former cop who's attitudinally prepared to shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out? I'm completely flummoxed, Allen, as to how anyone could ever disagree with you.

I imagine you are, too. ;-)

And it's probably too early to begin printing "Sarah Thornburgh for President, 2048" stickers, but I have a design in mind.


Lee, you're always so good to me.


I didn't see anyone that looked like you?


It would be nice to see a Thornburgh in the White House. lol.


Must be nice to be tall! I went with friends to see "W" when he ran for reelection and never even got close to seeing him. Security did, however confiscate my little American flag and my swiss army knife right off my key chain! It was still a memorable experience to see so many people with such enthusiasm but also to see the lengths that are now taken for security reasons.



Ugh! This is exactly what TWO friends said to me today: “that guy doesn’t look like you”. I’d like to think people don’t recognize me because I’m not smiling in the photo, but I rather suspect that it’s just because I’m getting OLD.

Now I really *am* bitter. You can bet I’ll be clinging to my guns and religion more than ever now.


NOOOooo ... not the confiscated Swiss Army knife! That's the worst! I've actually lamented about my own TSA-confiscated SA knife here at The Point. I'd bought mine in 7th grade with my bday money. But, you know, I had to give it up because I clearly fit the profile of a terrorist.

Hopefully yours was a tad less sentimental.


Allen, you cannot say that to your aunt. I remember when-- oh, never mind.


Sorry to hear you lost your SA knife, too! Mine didn't have that kind of sentimental value but it was soooo handy. I guess you can kill people with one of those things even when they are so far away that you can't even see them!

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