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October 07, 2008

More messianism

I didn't post this video earlier because I thought at first that it just might be a fake. It's not. And unlike the video of the kids singing the praise anthem to Obama, this video really was made on school grounds, earning a teacher a suspension. (H/T Confederate Yankee)

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The teacher was suspended not for promoting devotion to Obama as "the Alpha and the Omega", that was fine, it was her uploading the video to Youtube that got her fired.

Black shirt paramilitaries for Obama.

Maran atha!


Couldn't help but notice all the paper taped on the walls, could the students be reading from scripts perhaps? One hopes that this won't be used in their exams when they become architects "for Obama".


this is like the foruth or maybe fifth anti-obama video showing something ridiculing he and his campaign that has been pulled... everywher i go "video has beenpulled, video no longer available..." hmmm....i hate to scream conspiracy, but....

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