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October 27, 2008

Hard to Believe

Wedding_rings_2 According the AP News, no one has yet entered this contest, looking for a couple who will remain abstinent until their wedding day. Even though it's limited to a few counties in Atlanta, I can hardly believe that a contest offering $10,000 toward a wedding has had no takers. If you know a young couple in that area who are committed to purity, pass the word along. Someone please prove this wrong. This is ridiculous.

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I think the problem is there are other requirements in addition to the no sex thing. Stuff like you're not allowed to have any alcohol served at your wedding reception. That's a game ender for most people I'd think, Christians included.

My wife and I (married 3 years now) did not have sex before marriage but we wouldn't have entered this contest with the (non-biblical) no alcohol requirement.


Let me understand this - A big prize is offered by a group called MATURE that is funded by tax dollars to encourage (or is it incentivize, I'm not sure?) to do something that most Christians would agree is God and family and marriage honoring.
This is either a total joke or a classic case of very misguided good intentions. Anyone truly committed to approaching marriage with God honoring purity would (should) also be very reluctant to put themselves on what amounts to be the public dole (not to mention the public exposure) just for trying to do the right thing. This group MATURE really needs to grow up and find some wisdom and common sense.

Interesting. And yet, I've had at least 20+ weddings of friends, old school chums, and church family get married this past year and all have made a vow of purity; many not providing wine at their wedding. I think I shall pass it on. There are still 4+ more to go. :)


Even if a couple did enter this contest, it would have to be on "the honor system," for how would you determine that they truly remained abstinent, unless the bride's virginity could be medically proved (a rarity, to the best of my knowledge)? I'm a little surprised, though, that no one at all has entered the contest just to get the money, while cheating along the way. If that's a cynical view of humanity, it's borne out by experience.

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