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October 31, 2008

Guardian Angels combating D.C. crime

Guardian_angels Guardian Angels have been sighted in southeast D.C. But these angels aren't packing feathery wings and white robes.

Concerned D.C. residents have formed a volunteer crime-stoppers group, calling themselves the "D.C. Guardian Angels." These unarmed residents are patrolling the streets and making citizen arrests as necessary, hoping to curb the growing violence and theft in their area.

Talk about proactive. Isn't this the way our country was founded: taking personal responsibility for our communities? The "Angels" hope to patrol the area around one of the heavily assaulted Metro stations a few hours every night till January, when crime in the area normally decreases. The police department reports that violent crime is down 29 percent in the district since last month.

Read more about them here.

(Image © Peter Lockley for the Washington Times)

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