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October 01, 2008

Bringing Western China out of the Fifteenth Century

Yellow_sheep_river It was because of their faith that two businessmen took on the challenge of bringing technology and hope to the people of Western China who were "trapped in a kind of subsistence economy." The article suggests ways you can get involved in their effort. 

(Image © Ariana Lindquist for the Atlantic)

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We need to think again about this.

Communist China is truly an evil empire. No question about that: from forced abortions to persecution of the church.

We should not be helping out their economy.

As to "Western China" I presume you are referring to communist-occupied East Turkestan and possibly likewise occupied Inner Mongolia and Tibet.

First, living off the land really isn't such a bad thing, especially when compared to living in one of China's cities. Medical care they should have, of course, but China is wealthier now than the US and is perfectly capable of providing that if they wanted to. As we've seen in Africa, if the government isn't on board with the project, the supplies and funds will be stolen and rerouted for State purposes.

What this Muslim and Buddhist countries need is the Gospel, and the communist government is dead set against them getting it. Increasing the Chinese economy isn't the right answer, I don't think.

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