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October 28, 2008

Auction Angel Saves a Foreclosed Home


A woman went to an auction on foreclosed homes and ended up buying back a home for a complete stranger. Some are calling her an angel.

God moves in mysterious ways.

(Image courtesy of WFAA-TV)

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This was the common practice during the Dust Bowl. Farmers at a sheriff's auction would give one bid, say for 1 dollar (10 dollars today), and there'd be no other bids. Then the winner of the auction would turn around and sell the farm back to the owner for that dollar.

It is a good idea.

dennis babish

At church last Sunday our pastor talked about a small group in our church. One of the members is having health problems and is unable to work. As a result he has gotten behind in his mortgage payments and foreclosure was started. The other members of the group pooled their funds together, as in several thousand, and paid his past due mortgage payments and averted foreclosure.
Quite Biblical.

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