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October 27, 2008

A way to cut your medical costs

Tape The next time you wonder what's causing that pain in your knee, don't waste money on an MRI, just peel off some Scotch tape.

(Image © AP/UCLA)

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Tape was one of the magic cure-alls from my mother-in-law. Everyone in the family knew to put tape (any kind) on splinters, sores,whatever. My nephew, in his 20s, swears by tape. So it seems tape is more versatile than anyone thought. Also, another Mom cure-all is tying a long sock around the neck to keep that area warmer when coming down with a cold. My family uses that trick along with tape.

Regis Nicoll

What a medical wonder, tape. I've got a toe that, due to injury, arthritis, or whatnot, laps over my big toe and causes pain on long walks or runs. While contemplating surgery, I thought...what if I just tape that toe to its closest neighbor to keep it from causing trouble. Well, I tried it, and a year later it has keep me pain free. All for the cost of a few pennies. Now, if I could just get this x-ray thing working...

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