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September 25, 2008

The Issues That Matter

Check out this video from CatholicVote.com. It doesn't tell Catholics how to vote, but it certainly defines, in a powerful way, the issues that matter most. 

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Dave the Swede

Thank you for posting that, Diane! It's brilliant.



As a protestant friend viewing this video, I wish to add the human life equation below:

One man renting an underage teen girl in the Chicago area....

+(who already has given birth to a few other kids)
+Who is on drugs
Equals = What?

A baby that should be aborted?

In this case, it equals DK - my 10 year old adopted son.

And the most rabid White Sox fan around. A strong, smart kid who is a good athlete, who won't eat ANY food if Dad doesn't like it--who fights with (and sticks up for) his older teen sister.

Diane Singer

Vikingmom, Thanks for sharing your wonderful testimony! DK sounds like a great kid.

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