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September 17, 2008

Technical difficulties

Due to troublesome Internet connections and other computer problems, we're signing off for the day. Perhaps, like the former "Devil Rays," we need an exorcist! At the very least, a prayer or two would be most welcome. See you tomorrow, if everything gets back on track.

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And if things don't get back on track, it may be, uh, "peripherally" my fault:


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Even if it might be a colossal waste of time, I'll pray for God to fix your socket packet pocket and the internet on His way.


And, sigh, I should probably explain this one a bit, also. You see, by parodying Dr. Seuss myself in another thread, I may have invoked the curse of the "If a packet hits a pocket" author, thereby causing hardware havoc at The Point. (I should further explain that while most people involved in hardware and software engineering are either atheists or dedicated monotheists, we often humorously speak with a wink and a nudge as if we are animists. This is intended to be humorous because while everyone knows there aren't really "gremlins causing problems in the machine", we often speak that way... and sometimes even behave superstitiously.)

We could, of course, test this theory (of the curse being responsible) by having someone else post another Seuss parody tomorrow - if Gina's willing to take the risk. ;-)

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