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September 29, 2008

SAFE: The Time Has Come

In Chuck’s commentary on 9/25, he talked about the need for a bi-partisan blue-ribbon commission to “identify the things we can afford and the things we can’t afford.” In light of the current crisis, I think the time has come for all Americans to realize we can’t continue spending as if there is no tomorrow. For our children and grandchildren, tomorrow will be quite bleak if the spending doesn’t stop.

It is also clear to me that our elected representatives, from both parties, are unable and unwilling to make those tough decisions. They are so wrapped up in pleasing their constituents and getting re-elected that they remind me of parents who want to be their children’s friends and therefore give them anything they want, who won’t say no or provide the discipline these children need.

This commission would be able to provide that rigid examination that is required today, and give the tough love recommendations that will move America in the right direction: Securing America’s Future Economy.

As Chuck said, Congress needs to act and all of us need to do our part by calling our representatives and telling them we support this idea. If the tough decisions aren’t made, then, just like with the spoiled child, someone else will have to set the limits for us.

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