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September 05, 2008

Man Post: Palinating The Competition

Last night, in a sure sign that I'm in the tank for Sarah Palin, I changed the name of my fantasy football team from the AllenGators to the PalinGators.

Maybe now I'll have a fighting chance against those pesky Oregon Community Organizers and Minneapolis Memoir Writers.

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Trying to come up with a snarky remark about Mr. Manly Man being reduced to jello by a FEMALE VP nom ... oh, the irony and the power of estrogen.


Anyone remember the 1987 movie Baby Boom? An upscale, killer executive power woman (Diane Keaton) unexpectedly is named guardian of a relative's baby.

At first, she is upset. This little rug rat totally upsets her work, her life, and her live-in boyfriend (who quickly leaves).

Thru various babyraising trials (PowerWoman is clueless about babies) she comes to STILL do a good business, but the playpen is installed in the office...and her business is shaped around Baby...and looks like a real DAD (Sam Shepard) who actually likes Baby is in her life.

Maybe BAby on the hip is the new power look.

Maybe we can restore our sagging population and run our businesses at the same time...(like women in many cultures have done for centuries).

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