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September 25, 2008

I’m a PC (not)

Sorry, my PC-favoring friends, but to a Mac user, this is a hoot.

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Dan Gill

Did you read the article? Of the reasons they give for being Mac fans, only one has to do with a Mac. Pharrell Williams owns an iPhone (not a Mac), and Depak Chopra merely said that iPhones were "entertaining and harmless" in a column on nuclear weapons.

Very, very poor journalism.


One can only imagine the new ad that could emerge from Apple, playing off this event. ( http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/ ) Perhaps "PC" will come out stuffed into a t-shirt and jeans? Or holding a sign that says "Buy a PC" but it's made from a lot of little Apple stickers? Should really be hilarious.

I found the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" to be well worth watching, BTW. And fitting; Bill's gang is still trying to "borrow" its way to success.

Samuel X

I'm not terribly surprised. Standard trichotomy is thus:

Mac OS: Graphic Design and related
Windows: Jack of All Trades
Linux: Programming and related

So... they used machines that are best at art projects to make a commercial. Makes sense to me.


Why am I not surprised. ;)


LeeQuod - get out of the 20th century. Mac OSX is a Unix-based OS, so even though they do excel at graphics/design, they also excel at ANYTHING that's thrown at them if the software is there. Good grief, old FUD from yester-year. Just check here:

There are business, science, education & creative pro sections highlighting the cutting-edge things people do with Macs. Unlike the "I'm a PC" commercials which just really say "I'm an average joe with the other tens of millions out there," Mac users are going out and doing things with their Macs.

Steve (SBK)

Er, eric, I think you're trying to address Samuel X (since LeeQuod was, in his joyful way, sympathizing with Apple)?

But other than that, Mac users get stuff done only when they're done their lattes at Starbucks. :P


Yes indeed, eric and SBK, I'm into penguins and leopards. (Linux hardware and software is significantly cheaper than Macs, so I'm doing my bit to stabilize the economy. But I really like what I see in the Apple store.) And were it not a business necessity to work with it, I would certainly test "defenestration via infinite regress" (by throwing Windows out the window).


Hey, Gina, how's your Mac this morning? :-)


Plus, there are two - no, three! - hilarious new ads here, "V Word", "Bean Counter" and "Bake Sale": http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/

After Windows users download the latest patch (which might help their computers stop smoking ;-) ), they may be motivated to join you, G.

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