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September 23, 2008

Faces of GodBlogCon, part 1

A few snapshots from my weekend among the bloggers . . .

Gbc_meyers Ken Myers delivers his talk.

Gbc_park_barber Lunch with Christine Park, La Shawn Barber, and Christy Lynn Wilson (who took the photo).

Gbc_barber_joseph La Shawn with Mark Joseph after his talk on "Godbloggers and Hollywood."

More to come. (It's likely any one of the people pictured above could arrange these photos and captions on the page more artfully than I have, but as the technological dunce of the group, I just have to do my humble best.)

In the meantime, Scriptorium Daily is posting podcasts of the speeches. Those of you who liked Diane's post "How Missional Is Your Church?" may be particularly interested in Andrew Jones's talk, "The Missional Church in the Internet Age."

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Welcome back, G! "ShadowEditor" did a good job in your absence. ("Who knows what e-vil llllllurks in the hearts of commenters? Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh! ...")


No way! That photo of you with others is fake! If it was real, your laptops would be up and you'd be communicating to each other via blog ... across the table.

Really, the photoshopping here isn't even mildly convincing. This is obviously a Star Trek conference that you're trying to pass of as the GodBlogCon. I can even make out William Shatner in the background when I blow the image up.

So fake!

Gina Dalfonzo

Nah -- if it had been a Star Trek conference, we'd have been over at the Hilton.



Must've been a long lunch since your daquiri is nearly completely melted...

Gina Dalfonzo

Ha! If I drank a daiquiri that size I'd still be passed out on some Las Vegas sidewalk. I have probably the weakest head on record. Nope, that's a strawberry lemonade. And next year I'm dragging you along to GodBlogCon so you can see all this stuff firsthand.

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