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September 24, 2008

Breaking: McCain suspends campaign, calls on Obama to follow suit

. . . to work on the economic crisis.

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Jason Taylor

Neither have time to do any such thing. Honestly that is less of a suspension and more theater, in other words more campaigning.


The head of the Senate banking committee calls of the first presidential debate the before the debate so that he can go back to Washington to do his job.

hmmmm. Sounds like a political stunt.


Both are Senators, and that is their job.

Obama wants to debate against a vacant microphone. I say send in Sarah Palin, she'll wipe the floor with him.

McCain strangely enough, is in a position to put together a consensus on this matter, which is probably why Harry Reid wants him to stay away from his seat in the Senate.


McCain has not been back to Washington since April 1. Who does he think he's fooling?


Ms. Palin just got her posterior handed to her by Katie Couric, of all people. Do you really want her to go up against Obama? And why are the McCain folks so interested in pushing back the VP debate? If she's so awesome, they should be chomping at the bit to set her on Biden. Face it, if it's not FOX news tossing her softballs, Palin's way out of her depth. The McCain people know it too, so they keep her in the bubble.

Chris Clukey

By all means, let's talk about Sarah Palin and debate schedules. Let's not talk about how the guy who said...

...we're facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression (probably not true, but he said it)

...he and his policies are what's needed to change the mess in Washington (the mess that caused all this, right?)

...he isn't needed in DC to clean up the mess, and he's just a phone call away if the people who have been screwing this up all these years (including his opponent, who he says will spend the next four years ruining the country) decide they can use some input.

Seriously, you guys are buying that routine? If Obama meant even half the things he's said about McCain and the economy, he should be as eager to let McCain lead on this issue as I would be to let a ten year old change my transmission. If he's meant even half of the things he's meant about Washington's culture and competence, he should want the rest of Congress doing this without him the way I want a whole team of monkeys to replace my transmission using only a toolbox full of ball peen hammers.

As usual, one guy's rhetoric matches up with his actions and the other doesn't. Even if McCain's suspension was a stunt (I'm cynical, too) it was a stunt designed to underline a truth that isn't going away: One of these guys is an experienced and expert statesman, and the other is just an empty suit making empty promises.

Chris Clukey


You may want to be careful about mentioning McCain and the banking committee. He's been predicting the Fannie & Freddie mess for years and even tried to get legislation through that would have prevented it. Meanwhile, Chris Dodd was getting a sweetheart mortgage deal and guys who now serve as important Obama campaign advisers were driving the ship to the bottom like the Edmund Fitzgerald and carting away fat bonuses.


"$700 billion"? Check this out:


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