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August 28, 2008

Wiping Tears From Her Eyes

I just passed a TV set on which I watched a campaign ad by Senator McCain congratulating Senator Obama for his historic win. He said something along the lines of "Tomorrow, of course, we'll be back at it, but for today--congratulations."

Class act, I'm thinking. And....it also speaks to what I've been feeling the last few days. I think--as Point readers may have guessed--that Obama is a terrible candidate and would be bad for America. Everything about running this country, I think, is above his paygrade, not just abortion decisions. And yet--I can't help being excited, too. It really is a huge, huge thing that a major political party has nominated an African American presidential candidate. It makes me proud.

One of the networks last night, covering the Dem convention, kept focusing on an elderly black woman wiping tears from her eyes. That will be one of my enduring images of the 2008 presidential campaign. 

And now, to get back at it.....

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Gina Dalfonzo

I decided to take the ad down (it was my idea to post it, not Anne's) because of that. I had thought at first that since the ad simply shows McCain congratulating his opponent instead of stumping for himself, it would be okay to show it here. But on second thought, maybe it's wiser not to.

Anyone who wants to see it can go hunting on YouTube, or watch the DNC tonight. I believe the ad is scheduled to air immediately afterward.


Don't mean to make trouble Gina, just doing the friar-like thing to keep you "straight". Actually, it wasn't the ad that's at issue because it contains a disclaimer. The issue is campaigning by Anne Morse:

"Obama is a terrible candidate and would be bad for America"

Gina Dalfonzo

I think that's considered within our limits. But I'll check with the boss tomorrow.

Peter G. Klein

So, Anne, you're looking for a President skilled at "running the country"? Silly me, I thought the President had limited powers. (What's that thing called. . . . Oh yes, the "Constitution"!)

Reminds me of Hillary Clinton's phrase, "We need a president who is ready on Day 1 to be commander in chief of our economy,” to which Jerry Taylor replied, “we eagerly await your orders, ma’am!”

OK, I realize I'm picking on your for what was undoubtedly a slip, or simply a poor choice of words. But the idea that the President and the rest of the DC apparatus "runs the country" is the root cause of what's wrong with America today.


"Friar" Thom, I'll just remind you of this thing called the First Ammendment.

Reports of the BHO campaign attempted to suppress free speech including intimidation of GOP donors and arresting an ABC news crew on a public sidewalk are accumulating rapidly. Another angle of attack they are using is to attack non-leftist news sites such as this one and warn them (falsely) that they are not allowed to have worldview opinions.

Diane Singer

Anne wrote, "It really is a huge, huge thing that a major political party has nominated an African American presidential candidate. It makes me proud."

I agree. In fact, when I was in Africa last May (before the Obama-Clinton contest had been settled), the Africans I spoke to were very excited about the possibility of a black man winning the nomination for president. I made a similar comment: that I was happy to see the day when a black man and a woman were such strong contenders for the spot. I knew then that I wouldn't vote for either based on the issues, but that doesn't mean I don't realize how important a milestone has been reached. Now, with the choice of Sarah Palin for Republican VP, we have a lot to celebrate. We truly have "come a long way" -- and I'm grateful for that.


Diane, was this true of the Christians in Kenya, 1500 of whom have been killed by the Muslim faction that is part-led by Obama's father in the post-election attacks?


Does anybody have any idea what librialumn is talking about? Is it the event described in a Catholic News article referenced below? I don't understand what this has to do with the post, except that both the post and "libri's" comment are anti-Obama.


NAKURU, Kenya (CNS) -- Christian leaders in Kenya pledged to work for reconciliation and asked God for forgiveness for their role in widening divisions in the country.

"We note that a serious impediment of God's mission of reconciliation ... in our time and in our country is the fact that quite often the church has been caught up in the destructive ethnic, social and economic divisions and conflicts in the nation," said a statement signed by 1,300 Christian pastors. The statement was posted Aug. 26 on the Web site of the National Council of Churches of Kenya.

The church leaders said they owned up to their sins of "taking partisan positions on national issues; elevating our ethnic identities above our Christian identity; direct involvement in party politics; and participation in the postelection violence, (actions) which are made more ominous by the deteriorating national values, sinful political strategies and failure to faithfully stand for biblical values and principles."

Diane Singer

The country I was in is 99.7% Muslim, so they were responding favorably to the fact that he is black and has a Muslim father. I'm not aware of the story about Kenya. Interestingly, though, the students we were teaching were less enthusiastic when I explained Obama's position on abortion. Muslims are also pro-life, so they were disappointed to hear how ultra-liberal he is on that issue. That tempered their enthusiasm somewhat.

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