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August 25, 2008

Sister Nancy explains it all for you

In the Meet the Press clip below, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes it upon herself to declare what the Catholic church believes and doesn't believe about abortion. I imagine the Catholic church will be pretty surprised to hear that these are its views.

Special thanks to Karen Hall, ProLifeBlogs, and my mom.

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Joe Dalfonzo

From Dr Baumgartner's 2005 article titled "Life Begins at the Beginning" April 2005 Pro-Life America: "The Roman Catholic Church has already spoken definitively on every single one of these issues, in documents ranging from Humanae Vitae to Donum Vitae to more recent declarations of the Vatican. As a physician and layman, I am personally in awe of the supernatural ability of the Roman Catholic Church to speak with authority and answer these difficult questions to anyone willing to hear and obey." To her great shame, the Speaker obviously finds it politically expedient to neither hear nor obey.

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