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August 25, 2008

Poll: The blogosphere and you

Blogger Thanks to Travis for compiling our Olympics poll results, which were as follows:

Total Votes: 186

43.0% - 80 votes
I'll watch it

21.0% - 39 votes
I'll boycott it

9.7% - 19 votes
I'll watch the Games but not the opening ceremony

11.3% - 21 votes
I'll boycott the sponsors

32.3% - 60 votes
I'll work to publicize human-rights abuses

19.9% - 37 votes

Thank you to everyone who participated, and especially all of you who are making a difference for the persecuted in China and elsewhere through your prayers, publicizing, and other efforts.

Our new poll is at right. As many of you know, the blogosphere, like the Internet in general, is a wild and crazy place, and can be an intimidating one. (Case in point.) Yet even in the Internet jungle, Christians have a good chance to get out there and make an impact for Christ, as this excellent new article by Conversion Diary blogger Jennifer Fulwiler points out.

According to Barna Research, 10 percent of computer users have a blog. Are you one of them? Vote in the poll and then, if you'd like, use the comment section below to tell us about some of your blogging (or commenting or Facebooking or MySpacing or Web surfing) experiences.

(Image © InsideCatholic.com)

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