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August 28, 2008

’Top Model,’ Meet ’Top Nun’

Sonuns_1111 An Italian priest has had to shelve his idea for an entirely new kind of beauty pageant. Did anyone ever really think it was a good idea? There must be a better way to promote Catholic nuns' "inner beauty" and end the stereotype that they are "old and dour."

(Image © Sahannon Taggart for TIME)

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Jason Taylor

Actually, I think nuns seem to look cool. Maybe because most of the ones I have seen are on tv and are of course actors. In any case the hood seems to highlight the face.
More seriously, I really don't think much of beauty contests, and suspect them of being an excuse for ogling strangers. But I can't make a fuss about every custom.
However at the least nuns shouldn't participate; it is just not appropriate to their vocation.

anne morse

Didn't Julie Andrews already do that?

Jason Taylor

That reminds me. I think I'll watch that movie again this evening.

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