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August 27, 2008

I Love Mike Adams

Adams doesn't allow for excuses for immoral behavior and clearly shows that bad actions produce bad results! Enjoy!

I'm already looking forward to his next installment.

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Steve (SBK)

But (keeping to recent topics) what about the saying:

"Pornography is fiction! Lighten up!"

Oh right... fiction CAN have real consequences.

Kim Moreland

Our heart, mind, and soul are sooooo delicate!

Jason Taylor

Pornography is not fiction. It is actual people photographed in degrading positions. And that in itself is something to think of.

Steve (SBK)

Well, yes Jason, that's one of the most terrible things about it.

But here's some definitions of "fiction" from the online Merriam Webster dictionary:
1 a: something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically : an invented story
2 a: an assumption of a possibility as a fact irrespective of the question of its truth
b: a useful illusion or pretense
3: the action of feigning or of creating with the imagination

I submit to you the possibility that men who look at pornography, have a great, great deal of fantasy roaming around in their heads. The desired effect is to actually remove the thought of real fact. It is an illusion.


Jason, my dear longtime friend, what do you call the fiction that the Marquis de Sade wrote?

(According to "Monsters From the Id", Mary Shelley may have read one of the newer editions of a de Sade work - that included illustrations for the first time. Does adding illustrations suddenly make it pornographic?)

And wouldn't you say "romance novel" is often a euphemism?

Jason Taylor

Fair enough.

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