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August 25, 2008

Flew Slams Dawkins...

...as a "secular bigot."

After the world's most influential atheist stunned the atheist community with his book There Is a God, and was accused of being a senescent scholar manipulated by cunning Christians, Antony Flew has come out swinging at Richard Dawkins and his book The God Delusion.

Writes Flew,

The fault of Dawkins as an academic (which he still was during the period in which he composed this book although he has since announced his intention to retire) was his scandalous and apparently deliberate refusal to present the doctrine which he appears to think he has refuted in its strongest form...and his failure is the crucial index of his insincerity of academic purpose and therefore warrants me in charging him with having become, what he has probably believed to be an impossibility, a secularist bigot.

After criticizing Dawkins for his unacademic approach, Flew turns to the author's self-serving intentions:

This whole business makes all too clear that Dawkins is not interested in the truth as such but is primarily concerned to discredit an ideological opponent by any available means. That would itself constitute sufficient reason for suspecting that the whole enterprise of The God Delusion was not, as it at least pretended to be, an attempt to discover and spread knowledge of the existence or non-existence of God but rather an attempt – an extremely successful one – to spread the author’s own convictions in this area.

If that's the result of mental senescence, I'll look forward to a lump of it when I approach those octogenarian years. 

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