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August 28, 2008

Daily roundup

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Chris Clukey

Regarding "Thinking our junk will shock God"...Wow. Just wow. I hope I'll think of that post every single time I deal with my sin or learn of anyone else's.

Chris Clukey

This may sound a little hypocritical after my praise of "Thinking our junk will shock God," but my reaction to the story about Ann Richards' daughter and granddaughter (which read almost like a pitch for a chick flick like "Steel Magnolias" or "Terms of Endearment" in reverse with a crate of condoms worked into the plot) was:

"The family that slays together, stays together."

Thank God that His mercy is so vast that even people who promote turning small children into medical waste can get perfect forgiveness. I hope they seek it soon. Even Jesus won't write in the dirt forever.


About "Thinking our junk will shock God", you're spot on, Chris.

It's long been said that the John 8 story of the woman caught in the very act of adultery was almost certainly a set-up. Otherwise, they would have brought both the woman *and the man* for stoning. So she was merely a pawn in a high-stakes game to trap Jesus. So all of her treatment, from beginning to end, was totally unfair.

What struck me this time was that Jesus didn't ask where the man was, or discuss issues of fairness with the woman. He didn't get into talking about how the Pharisees sinned worse than she did, or anything like that. Apparently when it comes to sin, God doesn't grade on a curve. So "But Jesus, my sin isn't as bad as that other person's, or those people over there!" doesn't work.

I'll try to remember that, myself, every single time I deal with my sin or learn of anyone else's.

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