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August 18, 2008

Cheating explained…finally!

Now here’s a truly important finding: Based on a couple of recent studies, college students who score high in tests measuring courage, empathy and…honesty (really!) are less likely to cheat. (I wonder whether this “groundbreaking” research was funded with tax dollars.) Dr. Paul Seagar of the British Psychological Society offered this explanation for non-cheaters:

"These people probably have stronger personalities and are less likely to give into temptation."

Dr. Seagar may want to re-think that. Al Capone’s life of crime was not due to his lack of a “strong” personality, but to his lack of strong moral convictions.

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Maybe "Strong personality" is actually equivalent to "Morally Strong Personality".


I'm posting here to note - Al Capone's connection to political ethics - TODAY!

First, search online for Saul Alinsky's 1972 Playboy interviews. Alinsky seems to smirk over his "party time" with Capone & crew.

"I decided to make my doctoral dissertation a study of the Al Capone mob -- an inside study...."http://www.progress.org/2003/alinsky5.htm

Briefly the connection to today's national politics- Capone (who "ruled" Chicago including much of the justice system during part of Prohibition)
- to Alinsky (an activist who studied Capone - was never the criminal Capone was - did some good activist things - but still sometimes had a contempt for the law - ) -to bomb making Ayers and others who have imbibed Alinsky like ideals including Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals"
...to...well you know the REST of that story!!!

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