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August 25, 2008

To pray or not to pray?

Cameronclose_normal When the Democratic National Convention begins tonight, one formerly scheduled speaker will not be on the stage. Cameron Strang, editor of Relevant magazine, had agreed to deliver the benediction, but then pulled out.

Citing fears that his bridge-building gesture would be wrongly construed as an endorsement, Strang said he instead hopes to take a lower-profile role, participating in a convention caucus meeting on religion later in the week.

"Through Relevant, I reach a demographic that has strong faith, morals and passion, but disagreements politically," Strang wrote on his blog. "It wouldn't be wise for me to be seen as picking a political side when I've consistently said both sides are right in some areas and wrong in some areas."

Taking Strang's place will be Donald Miller, author of the popular book Blue Like Jazz.

At Relevant's blog, Strang has received some praise but also taken some heat for his decision. What do you think? Was it a commendable stand on principle, an opportunity lost, or something in between?

(Image courtesy of Bigsight)

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as one who has been active in republican circles for a few decades...truthfully i think it was a missed opportunity for cameron. our political system is based on two healthy parties. when i read recently he was going to offer a benediction i was encouraged. i'm sorry he missed it. but am glad donald can stand in.

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