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August 19, 2008

Atrocity of the Day: August 19, part 2

Olympicflagcuffs_2 It keeps getting worse: China denies all 77 protest applications. (HT UN Wire)

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Mark Triplett

Why are people surprised when a Communist country acts like a Communist country?

Image is everything, nothing will get in the way of presenting a good image to the world. Nothing they have done in the last 2 weeks has surprised me.


Well, no. No one is surprised. But we're also not complacent.

Mark Triplett


I was just responding to the news of the last couple of weeks. It has just struck me that reporters are just stunned that China is acting just like the old Soviet Union in its treatment of the press and in the rights to worship & protest.


Oh! Yes, true. "What? We're not in KS anymore?" Sigh.


More free speech banning -- China blocks iTunes:

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