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August 19, 2008

Atrocity of the Day: August 19

Olympicflagcuffs Segueing from yesterday’s post about faux religious freedom in China: It seems the government’s definition of freedom of religion differs dramatically from ours, as they confiscated the Bibles of American visitors this past Sunday (HT Gina and The Corner).

Speaking of banning free speech: China’s suppression and control of media and censorship of the Internet—as well as harassment of and attacks on journalists—is widely known.

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I know this is probably fairly common knowledge, but I hadn't really thought about it this way before. Someone (a Christian, who just returned from an extended stay in China) I met on a recent flight told me that the Chinese government resents Christianity because they associate it with capitalism. To them, Jesus is just another proponent of western thinking, the leader of an anti-communist regime.


For many reasons that would require another post, Zoe, I am not surprised.

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