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August 14, 2008

16 Days of Atrocity

The other day Anne suggested a great idea I wish she had suggested last week, and I wish I had thought of! But we’re going to go ahead and follow through on the suggestion, and include installments for the past week.

To keep the excitement over Phelps and company on the U.S. Olympic team (much deserved admiration, definitely) from drowning out those in China and elsewhere who cannot share the joy because of the communist regime’s evil acts, we’re going to post an “Atrocity of the Day” throughout the remainder of the Olympic season. And if you want some ideas of what to do, see BreakPoint’s information and resource page on the Beijing Olympics.

So, to catch up, here are five atrocities committed by China over which we should pray and protest—to catch us up to today.

  1. For August 8-10: Giving money and weapons to the Sudanese government, thus being complicit in the Darfur genocide.
  2. For August 11: Persecuting Christians and cracking down on house churches.
  3. For August 12: Committing extreme acts of polluting the environment and trying to cover it up.
  4. For August 13: Putting on a deceptive show of excellence and normalcy, among its performers and athletes. (Becky, here’s the answer to your question about what happens to China’s athletes.)
  5. For August 14: Attacking protesters and prohibiting free speech.

Until tomorrow, other ways China has fallen short of Olympic goals.

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Is this a website centered on Christ or hate speech?


John, could you please elaborate on what you're trying to imply?
--signed, Asian-American Point blogger with Chinese relatives

Chris Clukey

I hope I don't seem too "me too" jumping in here, but I'd like to ask John a more detailed question.

John, if Jesus had a blog, do you think He might criticize the things that CLH has criticized here? If not, why not? And if He would, why should members of His body remain silent?


No, John, I wouldn't say this site is "centered on Christ" per se, thought I do think the contributors post what they post based on their best take of a Christ-centered worldview. From the "Welcome..." page: "Our goal is to examine and discuss various issues of the day from a Christian worldview perspective." You can't really call criticism of a government "hate speech", now can you? Especially when several of the criticisms are of things the government has done to or against its own people.


Thank you for the link that answered my concerns. A couple of years ago I was able to spend a couple of weeks in Shanghai and watched as people did things like cut the grass in large areas with push mowers. My husband and I figured that this was due to the large population where it is cheaper to hire lots of people than it is to purchase good equipment. In other words, people are not valued there. This brought about my questions about the athletes and now I know that those lovely little gymnasts may not even be learning to read. The people I met in China were gracious and kind but it would be a big mistake to think that the same could be said for their government. I hope that the world isn't dazzled into believing otherwise.


Becky, thanks so much for sharing your experiences here. As I mention in the upcoming post on Monday, the people of China are beautiful and valuable -- as is all humanity -- and that their own countrymen in the nation's government would oppress them in such heinous ways is heartbreaking. Keep witnessing of the truth and praying for them all.

rick chase

Well here's a novel idea: China bashing! Actually, I have China bashing fatigue. Is there anything good? The answer is yes. China needs reform, but is Canada and America immune from their own atrocities? Look at our treatment of natives. Do all the weapons manufactured in the US end up in the hands of peaceloving nations? I believe the Americans supplied Nazis with weapons before they joined that war.


China bashing?! I wouldn't call it that when concern is being expressed about the people of China, who are valuable to God and to us. They live under a very restrictive and uncaring regime. Our country may not be perfect. We definitely have our problems. But, we wouldn't even be having this discussion in China because our internet use would be monitored.


Thanks, Becky. Yes. Rick, you'll notice that nowhere in these posts do I tout the perfection of America. (And I'm right w/ you there on our treatment of Native Americans -- but that's a different discussion.) Just because we're imperfect, doesn't mean we ignore the plight of the oppressed elsewhere in the world. Yes, continue to dislodge the log from our own eye -- but help those under the mote in others' eyes.

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