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July 23, 2008

Who’s the drummer...

...on this cut?

To find out, click here and under "God Encounters 2008," click on "members."

Move over Tommy Lee!

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Gina Dalfonzo


Chris Clukey

Bravo indeed!

Regis Nicoll

Gina and Chris--Thanks!

God Encounters was a praise and worship experience for young adults. It was the first time this ensemble of musicians had played these arrangements. After one dry run, the cuts on the website resulted. Despite some rough spots here and there, we had a lot of fun, as suggested by the sample track. Of course the most exciting thing was seeing 700-800 20-30 somethings giving enthusiatic praise to our King!


I'm sorry, but this has been weighing on me all day.

While I understand the pride you have in the cuts, and while I understand that this was the first or second time you had played these arangements, they are not of great quality. (I am trying to be polite here.)

I can give you a lot of technical reasons why the quality is lacking, but I am sure as you listen to them, you hear them as well as I do.

But that is not what troubles me.

There are very few examples in the Bible of instructions for musicians. We know that in David's time, he selected the best musicians and the musicians worked to bring out the best in themselves to honor God. My concern is that by your own admission, you ran through the arrangements once before going live with this. Is running through the songs once "the best" you could put forth? What excuse or reason can there possibly be to say "here Lord,.... here is my praise to you and I only had time to run through it once. Sorry."

There is a difference between offering up THE best, and offering up OUR best.

Secondly, and maybe most importantly, the lead vocalist says about 2/3rd's into the song "play it band."


Why would any praise and worship leader say anything that would take the focus off of praising and worshipping God and have people hear a mention of the band? Why would a praise and worship leader not keep his "flock" (for lack of a better term) completely focused on God?

Being a praise and worship leader and playing in a praise and worship band, is a sacred trust and calling. It is not a concert setting. It is not a "look at us" type calling. It is a calling that, like any pastor / teacher, should point, lead, and drive people closer to God. Anything - whether it be less than your best as a group, or calling attention to the band - is a violation of that calling.

Play your best, and keep the focus on God.

That is not an admonition, but an encouragement.

Regis Nicoll

gitarcarver--I think that I can speak for all of the musicians involved: we would have loved to have been able to practice hours, days to make these cuts "great", as you say. However, given that this ensemble of folks wasn't fully pulled together until morning of the event, the end result was OUR BEST. As to the worship leader saying "take it away band," he was not directing attention to us, but "spurring" us to give it all up for the audience--the audience of One. He (Joe Horness) knows something about these things, as he spent 20 years as the worship leader at Willow Creek.


"However, given that this ensemble of folks wasn't fully pulled together until morning of the event,..."

As I said, there is no excuse that can be made for this happening. If you are going to be playing in front of 700 - 800 people, a "once through" is not enough. I suspect deep down you know this.

"he was not directing attention to us, but "spurring" us to give it all up for the audience--the audience of One"

Wow. Where to begin? His comment still defects attention onto you - the band - and not the praise and worship. Whether he intended the comment to be as such doesn't matter. Two, if you need "spurring" when leading that large of a group, well.... there is not much that can be said. Lastly, length in a position does not mean that a person does something to perfection all the time.

Gina Dalfonzo

Then why is it that you seem to be expecting perfection? I'm all for high standards of excellence in worship, gitarcarver, but you seem to be calling for something else entirely -- and the way it's coming across is not as an encouragement.

I don't think David exhaustively rehearsed his dance before the Lord, but the Lord seemed to be okay with it.

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