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July 28, 2008

Week of Justice

Dvd_mockup If you happen to be in the greater Washington D.C. area, I will be speaking tonight at the theater located beneath Ebenezer's Coffee House (201 F Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002) after a screening of the documentary As We Forgive. The film is being shown as part of the National Community Church's third annual Week of Justice. This week's topics range from Sweat Shop Labor to Urban Poverty to AIDS to Sex-Trafficking, and how Christians can respond.

Friday night, I also had the privilege of fielding questions after a screening of As We Forgive at The Falls Church. I always learn interesting things from people in the audience who are thinking of their own ways to apply the lessons of forgiveness and reconciliation. One woman approached me afterward and we talked at length about how the lessons Rwandans are learning on how to live again with each other may be much needed in the years to come between North and South Korea. I was blessed by her insights.

I was thinking about posing a question tonight to the audience after they've watched the film. It's a question I've thought about a lot over the past year in writing this book and ties in to NCC's topics. The question is: What is the end goal of justice?

How would you answer it?

By the way, if you never saw the trailer for the film, here it is:

I'd love to see you tonight! If you don't live nearby, check the As We Forgive film website for screenings in your local area or to see how you can set one up.

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Jason Taylor

The end goal of justice is justice. Justice is a good of it's own. But if you mean, "what is the end goal of a specific policy" that is a different matter.

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