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July 23, 2008

Pray, Pray, Pray

This story about Olympic athlete Eric Liddell's story being published in China (where he is considered THEIR Olympic champion, not Scotland's) made me think again of the tremendous preparations now going on, probably by thousands of now-unknown people, to use the occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing to highlight China's human rights abuses and the persecution of Christians. I couldn't help a grim inward chuckle at the thought of the extremes Chinese leaders are going to, to control and shape the news coming out of China during the Games--after all, a zillion tourists will be there with cell phone cameras--but then it occurred to me that what Western Christians ought to be doing, right now, and every day up to the Games and during them, is to pray for the safety and wisdom of Christians who may be preparing to risk their lives and freedom to make a statement during the Games.

While it seems unlikely that Chinese leaders will risk a televised gun battle with dissidents, those who embarrass them will likely face severe punishment after the journalists and tourists pack up and go home. 

So--I am urging fellow Pointers and our readers to pray, pray, pray for our dear brethren in China. Pray for their safety and for their families--and also that they will have the courage to do what they believe God is commanding them to do when the eyes of the world are on them next month. 

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