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July 18, 2008

The Best of the West Reaches the Middle East

Beachdubai3 Of course, I'm being sarcastic. It's not a pretty sight in Provincetown, and it's not a pretty sight in Dubai.

(via UN Wire)

(Image © Travelblog)

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Rick Polson

Please be careful of sarcasm about cultural differences in dress and propriety codes. It will show respect that will not undermine our a bold confrontation of central issues.

With regard to you Break Point True Martyrdom from August 11, please follow through in your explanation of the differences such as martyrs who die to kill.

Interestingly your commentary misses that both religions express faith in an after-life by laying down this one.

Jason Taylor

Actually I got the impression that they got the worst of the West and kept the worst of the Middle East. Thus they brought into fashion secret police and terrorist conspiracies with multisyllabic titles and political religion. While retaining generational blood feuds.


In case people aren't reading me correctly -- I was being sarcastic. It (beach nudity and other "activities") is not a pretty sight here in the West, and they're not a pretty sight in the Middle East -- globally, regardless of culture, it's hideous. So, yes, Jason, by "best" I meant "worst." Very good. So I wasn't mocking Muslim codes -- I was cringingly apologetic.

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